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Calling all rice fans! To celebrate National Rice Month, Zojirushi presents two new rice favorites, the classic Katsu-don (pork cutlet bowl) and the gravy rich Beef Katsu-don (beef cutlet bowl). Of course, we think rice deserves to be celebrated all year, but we’ll take a month—just take some time to enjoy all the ways you can eat rice. Never forget, at Zojirushi, we all love rice; and we’re here to share our rice knowledge with our fellow rice lovers!


Classic Katsu-Don Classic Katsu-Don Classic Katsu-Don

Classic Katsu-Don (Pork Cutlet Bowl)

One of the most popular Japanese donburi style dishes, this version is the most common and classic way to prepare this recipe. Enjoy the soft fluffy egg and tender pork!

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Beef Katsu-Don (Beef Cutlet Bowl)

Instead of pork cutlet, this dish is a beef cutlet, served over rice with a rich sweet and savory sauce. The gravy flavors the meat and rice all through to the bottom of the bowl.

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Beef Katsu-Don Beef Katsu-Don Beef Katsu-Don

Rice Donburi Ideas

Get a bowl. Load it with rice. Add a topping of whatever you have around. Flavor it however you like. Seriously, what could be simpler? It’s the kind of dish that’s so easy to assemble, you could invite a bunch of friends, give them each a bowl, and have everyone make their own.

Lasagna Bolognese_1

Leftover steak? Add it to a bowl of rice and drizzle some sauce over the meat. Boom! Steak Bowl.

Lasagna Bolognese_2

Fried chicken makes a good topping over rice. If you add gravy or sauce, it’s pretty much like a cutlet bowl.

Lasagna Bolognese_3

Fried fish would be similar to a fried chicken bowl—great for lovers of fish and an excellent way to enjoy rice!

Lasagna Bolognese_4

Ultra simple bowl. A fried egg over rice can be tastier than you think. Use a sauce for flavor and half-cook the yolk.


What you need to know… What you need to know… What you need to know…

From a company where rice is king, our passion for it drives our neverending dedication to rice research. We hope that our enthusiasm shows in our products—we want our fellow rice lovers to benefit from our experience and innovation. This is how we spread the love of rice!


MICOM technology is at the heart of all our rice cookers, except for our conventional models. Computers help to keep the cooking process perfect and consistent—to bring you the best rice possible.

LCD Display

Our LCD display panels are designed to make navigating our menus and cooking operation easy and intuitive. Zojirushi continues to make the rice experience enjoyable for everyone.

New Features

We develop new features all the time for our rice cookers. We encourage our readers to explore the product pages for the one you’re interested in, to see all of their capabilities.

More Grain Choices

Rice Cookers are versatile and we’re always expanding their potential. We’ve added Quinoa to our line-up of course offerings for example, and are looking to adding even more grain choices.

Zojirushi Restaurants

Zojirushi has opened restaurants in Japan so we can spread our love of rice. Come visit us the next time you’re there and say hello!


Rice research never wastes. We recycle our rice leftover from testing into usable wet wipes.

Rice Beers

We have collaborated with a brewer to produce rice beers from our leftover rice.


Our taste testing and quality control operations never stop at our research laboratories.

Different Ways to Enjoy Rice

Let’s get deeper into rice! Let’s get deeper into rice! Let’s get deeper into rice!

Did you know rice is so versatile, it can be used in all kinds of ways? If you step aside from sushi, fried rice or rice balls, there are so many ways rice is used by different cultures around the world. Here are just a few variations on our favorite grain—when it takes a different form, you may not recognize that it all starts with basic rice. Have you tried these?


Doria is a rice gratin type of dish that is familiar to Japanese as a comfort food. Unlike Italian risotto that starts with simmering uncooked rice, Doria is baked with ingredients in a sauce over cooked rice.

Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding is found in nearly every area of the world, but the common ingredients are almost always rice, milk, spices and some sort of sweetener. In the UK and Ireland, rice pudding is a traditional dessert.


Horchata has its origins in Spain as a nut-based drink, but the one that was popularized by Mexico is made with rice. Next to Japanese sake, horchata might be the best rice drink you’ll ever have.

New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

Cheese Senbei is our version of a rice cracker that you can make at home. Senbei is a traditional Japanese snack that can be found in hundreds of variations in all shapes and sizes, both savory and sweet.


Time off from cooking_2 Time off from cooking_2 Time off from cooking_2

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