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Blast from the Past: Zojirushi’s Most Iconic Tabletop Cooking Appliances!

Step back in time with us to the mid-1970s, when family diner-style restaurants were gaining popularity, and more women were entering the workforce. It was a transformative period – home-cooked meals evolved from mere nourishment to cherished family gatherings. Dishes like yakiniku and nabe, meant to be enjoyed together, emphasize the joy of shared meals. Yet, traditional tabletop cooking was anything but convenient. 

Enter Zojirushi. Through trial and error, we addressed key concerns like, “Is it handy?” “Are the temperature controls suitable?” and “Is it easy to clean up afterward?” This led us to develop a range of products to simplify tabletop cooking.  

Photos of products in white background. From the left; Yakiyaki, Tabegoro, and Age-age


In 1974, we introduced the Yakiyaki (AG Model) Electric Griddle, and not long after, the Tabegoro (CN Model) Electric Hot Pot and the Ageage (CT Model) Electric Fryer followed in 1978. These appliances revolutionized home cooking, making it easy to grill, boil, and fry, while fostering stronger family bonds over delicious meals. 

Join us on a nostalgic journey back to when Zojirushi first made the dining table the heart of the home! 


Zojirushi’s First Electric Griddle  Black and white picture of Zojirushi's First Electric Griddle

Teppanyaki, originating post-war from food cooked on scrap iron plates sold at black market food stalls, inspired our first electric griddle. We made it easy to enjoy teppanyaki at home and created our first iteration, the Electric Hot Plate in 1974. Embraced by many households, it became a predecessor to the heating technologies used in our products over the years.  

Today, our innovative spirit continues with advanced models like the Gourmet Sizzler® Electric Griddle EA-DCC10 and the Electric Skillet EA-BDC10 These models transcend traditional cooking with variable temperature settings ranging from a gentle keep warm at 176°F to a searing 400°F. They are designed with a titanium and ceramic-enhanced triple-layer nonstick coating for exceptional durability and easy cleanup. Each unit comes with a convenient lid that speeds up cooking, enables steaming, and minimizes oil splatter. 


Zojirushi’s First Electric Skillet  Green electric skillet and orange electric skillet in a grey background

In pre-modern Japanese homes, there was often a hearth called “irori” that was used for cooking, lighting, and heating. From there, hotpot cuisine developed from the custom of eating the food that was boiled in the iroris.  

Hotpot dishes, in which ingredients are served in a pot without tableware, later evolved to use stoves. With that in mind, we launched the electric Guri-Nabe in 1981. This eventually evolved into the Zojirushi skilletwe have today, expanding our product line.  

Now, our product lineup includes the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet EP-PBC10, the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet EP-RAC50, and the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet for Yin Yang Hot Pot EP-PFC20. These versatile skillets facilitate a range of cooking techniques from grilling to slow cooking, equipped with adjustable temperature settings that ensure perfect heat for any dish. The EP-PBC10 features a deep-dish design ideal for soups and stews alongside a durable, easy-to-clean nonstick surface The larger EP-RAC50 includes two cooking pans: one deep and one flat, suitable for various culinary needs from sukiyaki to pancakes, with the additional steaming capabilities for healthier cooking options. The EP-PFC20 features a divided deep pan ideal for families that like to enjoy different hotpots at the same time. 


Zojirushi’s First Fish Roaster

Grey fish roaster in grey background

As an island nation, fish holds a special place in Japan. In addition to the popular dishes like sashimi, Japanese often grilled fish on the irori as well. In Japan, gas stoves often feature fish grills as it is an important part of Japanese cuisine. In 1991, Zojirushi introduced an electric fish griller, allowing households without a built-in grill to enjoy delicious grilled fish at home. 

Today, our Fish Roaster EF-VPC40 continues this tradition, offering advanced features that significantly reduce odors and smoke., This makes indoor grilling a more enjoyable and feasible for every home cook. This model is designed to accommodate various types of fish, ensuring even cooking and superb flavor preservation with its powerful top and bottom heating elements. The built-in catalytic filter effectively minimizes odors, allowing you to grill indoors without the lingering smells often associated with fish cooking. The simple and intuitive controls also make it easy to achieve perfect results every time, ensuring that each meal is not just nourishing but also a delightful culinary experience. 


Zojirushi’s First Indoor Grill

Another form of popular cooking in Japan is the “shichirin” (directly translated as “Seven Rings”), which is a small charcoal grill. In 1985, we introduced a table grill to enable easy at-home grilling of yakiniku and vegetables, inspired by the popular Shichirin style. Our commitment to indoor grilling has evolved into the Indoor Electric Grill EB-CC15 and the Indoor Electric Grill EB-DLC10, which offer enhanced safety measures and consistent heating. 

The EB-CC15 features a large grill designed to direct oils away from food, promoting healthier cooking. With its variable heat setting, you can easily control cooking temperatures with precision. The even larger EB-DLC10 elevates versatility is high-powered at 1,500-watts, making it ideal for grilling everything from steaks to seafood, even vegetables. Both models boast titanium and ceramic-enhanced dual-layer nonstick coating for superior nonstick performance and easy cleanup. Additional safety features include a cool-touch handle and body guardas well as a safety interlock system that prevents the heating element from operating unless the grill is correctly installed, ensuring a safe grilling experience. 

From our very first hot pot to the multifunctional electric griddle, Zojirushi has led the charge in transforming kitchen counters into hubs of culinary creativity. Do you remember when you first used one of these iconic appliances? Have a favorite dish you loved making with them? Share your nostalgic memories and recipes with us on social media by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s keep the spirit of innovation and togetherness alive! #Zojirushi #ZoFan 

Ready to explore the full range of Zojirushi’s electric products? Visit our electric products page to discover our full lineup. 


Warm Up to Savory Soups and Grilled Meals with Zojirushi’s Multi-Functional Electric Griddles



Hi Zo Fans, have you met our Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet line? Whether it’s a hearty soup, grilled meats, or even hot pot that you’re craving this winter, our versatile electric griddles help you cook, sauté, and steam your favorite dishes in a cinch – with delicious results every time. If you’re looking for the best electric skillet to suit your kitchen, learn more about our versatile Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillets in our comprehensive breakdown below. Let’s get cooking!

The Basics

There are three electric griddles that we’ll be covering in this guide today:

We’ll be going over each of these skillet’s unique features in a bit, but first, we wanted to highlight a few important cooking and safety features that all of these appliances share. With our Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillets, you can always expect:

  • Titanium and ceramic enhanced nonstick coated cooking surfaces. Say goodbye to burnt food or food sticking to the pan. These cooking surfaces makes cooking, and cleanup, a breeze.
  • Heat resistant body guard that protects from accidental contact with the hot surface. Safety is one of our top priorities at Zojirushi. We designed our electric griddles with heat resistant body guards that protect from accidental contact with the hot surface to ensure your safety and peace of mind
  • Detachable power cord. Disassembling your electric griddle has never been so easy. Our detachable power cords gives you the capacity to go from grill to tabletop as soon as you would like to, and also ensures a safe use of your appliance by disconnecting it from power when not in use.
  • Tempered glass. Each griddle comes with an easy-to-hold lid with a flat knob that lays the lid both flat and angled. With tempered glass, you can easily see into your skillet to monitor the cooking process.
  • Stay cool handles. Our side handles are designed to stay cool, making removal of the pan quick, easy, and safe.
  • BPA-free. All Zojirushi products are BPA-free where surfaces come into contact with food or beverage.

The Models

Now, let’s dive into each of our griddles! We’ll guide you from smallest to largest, beginning with the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet EP-PBC10.

Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet EP-PBC10

This single pan, multifunctional electric skillet features a deep dish (2-¼” depth) that is great for making stews and hot pot meals right on your tabletop. You can use the 10-½” surface of this skillet to grill and sauté with variable temperature settings from Keep Warm (176°F) to 480°F. Note that the inner pot can also be removed and used right on top of your stovetop burner if you like as well. This EP-PBC10 comes in a Light Gray (-HC) color and uses a 1,300 watt heating system.

Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet for Yin Yang Hot Pot EP-PFC20This electric skillet features a single base with two different cooking plates. One is a deep pan (3-⅛”) with a divider that can be used to cook up to two different hot pot soups at once, and the other is a dual surface griddle pan that is ideal for grilling meats on one side and vegetables on the other. With a diameter of 12”, this electric skillet is great for small households or larger format meals.

To turn on the grill mode, simple select “grill” and choose your temperature between Keep Warm, Med, and High. To use the cook mode for your hot pots or soups, simple select “Cook” and select your temperature between simmer to high. When you’re done enjoying your meal, you can simply remove the pans from the electric base for easy clean up. This skillet comes in a gray (-HA) color and uses a 1,300 watt heating system.

Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet EP-RAC50

The EP-RAC50 Electric Skillet is a largen skillet that comes with two cooking pans, an ultra-deep dish of 8 ⅛” for soups, fondues, and sukiyaki, and a flat grilling plate for meats and vegetables. This appliance also comes with a steaming plate that can adjust to two different heights, low and high, to steam different food items.

The deep pan can be used directly on your stovetop burner, and the base of the skillet features variable temperature settings from Keep Warm (176°F) to 480°F. This appliance comes in stainless white (-XW) color and uses a 1,350-watt heating system.

What do you think of our Zojirushi Electric Products? Did you find an electric griddle or electric skillet you’d love to add to your kitchen? If you’re feeling inspired, check out our electric griddle recipes on our website. If you already have a Zojirushi Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet, share your thoughts, comments, and questions with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! #Zojirushi #ZoFan

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