Fancy some tea? Zojirushi water boilers are almost made for the tea drinker, so we’re excited to introduce our newest one—plus some wonderful afternoon tea delights! This month’s savory recipes can be made with the help of your Zojirushi breadmaker and paired with your favorite tea—the perfect combination for an afternoon of tea and treats with family and friends. The seasons are changin’; get hearty and get happy!


Skillet Bread with Cranberry Cheese Dip Skillet Bread with Cranberry Cheese Dip Skillet Bread with Cranberry Cheese Dip

Skillet Bread with Cranberry Cheese Dip

Get out your cast iron and bake this fun finger food after you let your breadmaker do the pizza dough. The flavor blast cheese dip guarantees a match made in heaven with your tea.

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Cheesy Mushroom Italian Stromboli

Another easy to serve and eat treat for your afternoon tea, Italian Stromboli is rolled up pizza. Fill your dough with the delicate flavor of mushrooms and cheese. Bake, slice, and enjoy!

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Cheesy Mushroom Italian Stromboli Cheesy Mushroom Italian Stromboli Cheesy Mushroom Italian Stromboli


Tea Pairings
This month’s recipes go well with some of the teas that we have on our site. Try these for yourself and tell us what you think!

Skillet Bread and British Tea

1. Skillet Bread and British Tea

Strong black tea is the perfect drink for this bread and cheese dip combination.

Skillet Bread and Blooming Tea

2. Skillet Bread and Blooming Tea

Flowery teas are distinctly flavorful and can pair up nicely with our skillet bread.

Stromboli and Herb Tea

3. Stromboli and Herb Tea

After a bite of our Italian Stromboli, how about a sip of refreshing herb tea?

Stromboli and Green Tea

4. Stromboli and Green Tea

Brew some green tea extra strong, and have it with the Stromboli…so satisfying!

Timeless Tea Traditions

Tea Cultures Around the World Tea Cultures Around the World Tea Cultures Around the World

First of all, think about how far back tea history goes—to the ancient dynasties of China and beyond. And considering tea is the second most consumed drink in the world next to water(!), is it surprising that there are so many diverse tea traditions and cultures? Here are just a few. If you want to enjoy these traditions at home, check out our water boilers and we can help!



Being the birthplace of tea, China is home to hundreds of varieties, including green tea (the most popular), oolong, pu-erh (herbal) tea and the flowering (blooming) teas. For the Chinese, tea is a way of life and is closely linked to their philosophy of balance and harmony.



The origins of Afternoon Tea come from British aristocracy and is characterized by relaxing with sandwiches and cakes. High Tea is a different tradition that came from the working class, where good, strong tea and a hearty meal was welcome after a hard day’s work.



Known as chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony is known for its influences from Zen Buddhism. The elaborate ritual is more like high art, with the use of matcha tea powder to prepare, present and drink in precise, meditative steps while appreciating its beauty and simplicity.



Touareg tea, or Moroccan mint tea, is a sweet tea made with green tea and mint leaves. Strongly linked to North African culture, their tea signifies hospitality and is served to guests 3 times—each glass meant to symbolize life, love and death. Of course, you have to drink them all.


The Water Boiler For Everyone The Water Boiler For Everyone The Water Boiler For Everyone

Our Newest Micom Water Boiler and Warmer

We want to welcome the newest addition to our line of electric water boilers—designed for ease of use, versatility and most importantly, safety. An easy to read LCD display shows temp settings while one-button options allow for slow dispensing and a timer function. The refill gauge is magnified enough to see at any angle, and new measurement markings are now in contrasting black.

*Zojirushi's Commitment to SAFE DESIGN:
Automatic shut-off prevents boil dry; automatic dispense-lock prevents accidental dispensing; in-spout and in-lid protection prevents leakage when tilted or tipped over, or dripping after dispensing.

Timer Function

Timer Function

Energy saving timer boils only when needed. Can be set for 6 to 10 hours.

Café Drip

Café Drip

Slower dispensing mode is perfect for brewing coffee with less splashback.

Easy Read Gauge

Easy Read Gauge

Wide magnified window can be seen from across the room at a glance.

Water Level Markings

Water Level Markings

NEW! Interior measurements make filling water to the amount you want or need easy.


Let's Cook Together! Let's Cook Together! Let's Cook Together!

The key to getting the most from your tea is to brew it at the right temperature suited to that tea. You’ll want higher temperatures for the sturdy teas, and lower for the more delicate leaves. Here’s a quick guide to what you need to know. (Water temperature settings vary by product—visit each product page for more details.)


Best for black and herbal teas, pour over coffee, instant noodles.


Best for oolong teas; up to 20% energy savings vs. 208°F.


Best for green teas like sencha, genmaicha, matcha. Also white teas.


Best for delicate, high quality green teas like gyokuro.


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