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We should be celebrating all month, don’t you think? Maybe for a change of pace from all that barbecue, why not some recipes using your rice cooker instead of the grill. Try our Quinoa Omelet or Tropical Rice and get the tasty without the heavy. And we’ve got a few tips on keeping our products looking clean and beautiful too, especially in the areas you can’t replace. Check out our pro maintenance tips!


Quinoa Omelet Quinoa Omelet Quinoa Omelet

Quinoa Omelet

Here’s a healthy quinoa version of the classic Japanese “omu-rice”, or omelet rice. Quinoa can easily be made right in your rice cooker—all that’s left is to create a dish!

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Tropical Fried Rice

This Thai style fried rice features the sweet/tartness of fresh pineapples and jasmine rice for a satisfying, fragrant lunch. Why not serve in a pineapple bowl for your party?

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Tropical Fried Rice Tropical Fried Rice Tropical Fried Rice

More Quinoa and Rice

Quinoa and Chicken Super Salad

Quinoa and Chicken Super Salad

One of the best ways to enjoy quinoa is in a salad. Try this one using chicken as your protein and get your superfood daily quota.

Quinoa Burger Deluxe

Quinoa Burger Deluxe

Now that’s a healthy burger! You won’t miss the meat if you use this quinoa substitute—pan fried and dressed with our special sauce.

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Which kind of Thai curry do you like—red, yellow or green? Try our version of Green Thai Curry and have it with Jasmine rice!

Chicken Dry Curry

Chicken Dry Curry

Dry Curry is so-called because unlike a curry sauce, this dish does not have one. The curry is infused in the rice, and you can make it in the rice cooker.


Attention to Design and Beauty Attention to Design and Beauty Attention to Design and Beauty

Zojirushi creates the products that help you create memories around your dining table. To make sure your Rice Cookers and Breadmakers perform their best, follow these tips to keep them functioning beautifully and efficiently for as long as you own them.

Exterior Finish

Exterior Finish: Your rice cookers and breadmakers have exteriors with protective coatings to repel dirt and grime. Simply wipe with a soft damp cloth to clean, and finish with a dry cloth. Do not use detergents or scrubbers.

Electrical Cords

Electrical Cords: The cords are often neglected but just as important to maintain. Keep it clean by wiping with a soft dry cloth to get rid of dust.


Vents: Steam vents are designed to be removed easily—periodically take them off and rinse under running water to clean.


Interiors: In breadmakers, crumbs or debris can get inside, but the interiors are designed to be cleaned easily. Use a damp cloth to wipe it down, but remember to wait until the appliance has completely cooled down.

International Rice Dishes

America The Melting Pot America The Melting Pot America The Melting Pot

The “melting pot” expression, a metaphor for the way all the immigrant cultures came to our country and blended together as one, seems a little dated today. Many argue that we’re more of a “salad bowl”; we’re still a mix of different people, but we’ve kept our cultures alive while everyone contributes to the richness of our diversity. Isn’t that great? Here are some more great rice recipes to celebrate America, our Salad Bowl.

Baked Risotto

Baked Risotto

Risotto is a traditional Italian, creamy rice dish made with short-grain rice. Our version is layered in a baking pan like a lasagna.

Halal Chicken and Rice

Halal Chicken and Rice

Halal is an Arabic term that refers to any food that conforms to Islamic religious practices by the Muslims. We love its deliciousness!

Chicken Vindaloo and Rice

Chicken Vindaloo and Rice

There is nothing like Indian food, rich with its blend of spices. Vindaloo is a curry dish that originally came from Portugal.

New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

A great example of how a mix of cultures can leave a great legacy, creole cuisine is from Western Europe, Western Africa and Native Americans.


Our NEW Stainless Mug Our NEW Stainless Mug Our NEW Stainless Mug

Introducing our very fashionable and chic, bigger capacity stainless drink bottles for extra hydration when you need it. Check out why you’re going to want it!

Stainless Mug SM-VA60/72

Stainless Mug SM-VA60/72 is available in 5 sophisticated colors, with larger capacities of 20 oz. and 24 oz. Keep your drinks hot or cold for hours with our reknowned Zojirushi vacuum insulation.

Stainless Mug SM-VS83/95

Stainless Mug SM-VS83/95 is available in 3 popular colors and is the big brother to SM-VA60/72. With generous capacites of 28 oz. and 32 oz., you can take your hot or cold drinks anywhere.

BIG capacity

Fill up our new BIG capacity drink bottles with all you’ll need and make a statement wherever you go. Zojirushi makes them easy to use, dependable and stylish too.

Leak-proof lid

The flip-lid always keeps the sip spout clean, yet instantly accessible with the touch of a button. A lock prevents any accidents in your gym bag or purse.


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