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Let’s have fun with “Dad Eats” on Father’s Day. Our Zojirushi menu makes sure he’ll get the chicken wings he loves, without the deep-frying for healthier cooking. There’s nothing better than making a big batch of wings that everyone can share, while Dad settles in with a cold drink and the game on TV. This month we have Buffalo Wings and Chicken Wings Nagoya style.


Buffalo Wings Buffalo Wings Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings

The classic. Cook up a pile of spicy wings and get your fingers messy. Adjust the hotness level to your liking.

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Nagoya Chicken Wings

A popular Japanese way of doing wings, with the habit-forming taste of soy sauce and white pepper.

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Nagoya Chicken Wings Nagoya Chicken Wings Nagoya Chicken Wings

The Chicken Wing Thing

Love chicken wings but want to eat them more creatively? Try de-boning the wings from this month’s recipes and use this tastiest part of the bird for something different.

Chicken Pizza

Chicken Pizza

Wings make an excellent topping for pizza; they’ll blend perfectly with your other pizza favorites.

Chicken Roll

Chicken Roll

You can’t miss with anything between two buns—pile on the chicken with lettuce and cheese and dress it up!

Chicken Wrap

Chicken Wrap

Combined with lettuce, cheese and a flavorful sauce, your chicken can be a great filling for an easy wrap.

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

Construct a salad with your best greens and chicken as your protein. It’s the healthiest way to eat wings!


Culture is the Mother of Invention Culture is the Mother of Invention Culture is the Mother of Invention

Some aspects of Japan’s food culture haven’t changed that much. The idea of the family not only dining, but also cooking together at the dinner table still carries on. And eating fish has always been a staple in the Japanese diet. The difference is that the cooking products have gotten better over time.

1974 Teppanyaki Debut

It all started with cooking on a hot sheet of metal over open fire. The Zojirushi electric griddle allowed easier tabletop cooking at home.

1981 Electric Pot Debut

The concept of cooking and eating at the dining table has always been the one-pot meal. Our electric pots make it easier for tabletop cooking.

1985 Electric Grill Debut

Grilling has been around in everyone’s culture for a long time. The electric version made it easy to do it indoors and on the tabletop.

1991 Fish Roaster Debut

Fish has always been a part of Japan’s national diet. The fish roaster makes it possible to grill fish at home, indoors.

Father Food Favorites

More Dad Eats More Dad Eats More Dad Eats

Here’s what we think. Father’s Day is the one day Dad should be able to eat whatever he wants. And we should be prepared to serve him his favorites—what do you think? Here are some suggestions from our Zojirushi kitchen.

Breakfast in Bread

Breakfast in Bread

Not as hard as it looks, and the perfect way to surprise Dad to start his special day!

Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs in a Blanket

Such an obvious choice! For your sofa surfer, these would go well with the ball game on TV.

Coffee Marinated Steak with Garlic Soy Sauce

Coffee Marinated Steak with Garlic Soy Sauce

For the steak-man meat lover, cook the perfect cut for dinner and use our grill on your dining table.

Dad Donuts

Dad Donuts

Try your hand at homemade donuts. Use your breadmaker to make the dough, and the rest is easy. Check out how Bert-san did it.


Our Updated Food Jar Our Updated Food Jar Our Updated Food Jar

Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer / NW-QAC10/18
Meet our newest IH (Induction Heating) rice cooker with the sleekest design yet. With IH technology, precise temperature control is possible throughout the cooking process, which means you get perfectly cooked rice, every single time. A new, black flat-top shape with features that can cook the fluffiest aromatic rice—this is the rice cooker in your future!

One-piece Stopper

Induction (IH) technology for precision temperature control from start to finish.

Therma Chamber

Easy to navigate control panel with timer for delayed cooking.


Accessories include steam basket, self-standing rice spatula and measuring cup.


For ideas on how to use this rice cooker, visit our recipes page for exciting tips!


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