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Product Inspirations – Home Bakery Virtuoso® Plus Breadmaker (BB-PDC20)

We have a new breadmaker and IT. IS. AMAZING!

The Home Bakery Virtuoso® Plus is our latest breadmaker and it is equipped to make anyone a great home baker.

It makes traditional 2-lb. loaves as well as a variety of other foods. It features 14 pre-programmed course settings that alter the kneading, rising and baking functions based on the type of bread to be made. The course options allow you to make classic breads such as White, Rapid White, Whole Wheat, Rapid Whole Wheat and European-style breads that have a lovely crumb. The course options also include health-conscious choices such as Multigrain, Gluten Free, Salt Free, Sugar Free, and Vegan. And finally, this appliance is also great for making pizza dough, pasta dough, sourdough starter, cake and jam!

Along with the pre-programmed course settings, the Home Bakery Virtuoso® Plus comes with a special Homemade course, which allows you to input up to three custom recipes that you’ve developed, storing your own knead, rise, and bake times in the system. This great feature is perfect for keeping your favorite bread and other recipes ready to make at the touch of a finger.

And since this appliance is specifically designed to bake excellent bread, you can set the Crust Control to the crust color of your choice, and features a heating element in the lid which promotes even baking and browning. The Ham & Mayo Roll that we’ve developed for this breadmaker is savory and delicious and the roll was easy to make using the Dough course. And if you’re in the mood for pasta, then try making the pasta from scratch! We love our Prosciutto and Avocado Cold Pasta recipe!

Like many of Zojirushi’s breadmakers, the Home Bakery Virtuoso® Plus Breadmaker uses a removable, nonstick coated baking pan to hold all the ingredients and dual kneading blades to thoroughly mix ingredients for superior results. The simplified LCD control panel and convenient key code make it simple to choose the course setting as well as select the crust color and set the optional 13-hour delay timer.

We’ve created how-to videos to get you started with this breadmaker. The ideal place to start is by measuring ingredients correctly. Making bread is straightforward, as is programming the Homemade Course. And finally, check out our helpful hints, in case you need a few tips.

Both the pan and blades are easy to clean and are BPA-free. Accessories include a full color recipe booklet with 50 delicious recipes, nested measuring cups for dry ingredients, a liquid measuring cup and a measuring spoon.

We love our new premium breadmaker and know you will too! Share how you use it in the comments below!

42 thoughts on “Product Inspirations – Home Bakery Virtuoso® Plus Breadmaker (BB-PDC20)

  1. Your video says this machine(BBPDC20) comes with a recipe book plus the measuring items, however, I am trying to buy the machine but no one lists the recipe book coming with it!!

      • Yes it does come with a recipe book, but it is pretty basic. If you want to make more adventurous or artisan breads you will need to look elsewhere.

  2. Is there a QUICK BREAD setting on the BB-PDC20? I have this machine and want to make banana bread and can’t find the QUICK Bread setting.Thanks for your help!

  3. Hello
    I have seen that some recipes of the virtuous breadmaker are not in the virtuous plus, such as: croisant, pizza with beer, etc. And you can not use the recipes of the first virtuoso in virtuoso plus because there is variation of ingredients. For example in the virtuoso pizza dough uses 6g of yeast, while in the virtuous plus uses 3g of yeast. How is this possible? Why have you removed recipes from the new book?

    kind regards

    • Hi Val,

      Thank you for your inquiry. The BB-PDC20 has slight variations in the kneading, rising and baking times which may not provide optimal results when used with recipes from the BB-PAC20 bread machine. Additional recipes were created for the BB-PDC20 – Salt Free, Sugar Free,European, Multigrain and Vegan courses and we were unable to include the other recipes from the BB-PAC20 bread machine. The BB-PDC20 also uses Rapid Rise Yeast instead of Active Dry Yeast, which changed the amount required for each recipe.

      Please contact Zojirushi America Customer Service at 1-800-733-6270 for further assistance or email support@zojirushi.com

      Thank you!

      • Hello

        Thank you for the answer.

        I think it would be very good. Especially the croisant and pizza with beer. I am sure that they find it very easy to adapt to the new machine.

        Best regards

        • another thing, please.
          It would be very interesting to start thinking about translating manuals and recipes into Spanish. As you know, the Spanish speaking community is very big in the US, much larger than the French community. Also, I have seen that these machines are also sold in Mexico.
          thank you.

  4. I am interested in buying a ZO bread machine and am debating between the ZO Virtuoso PAC20 and the Virtuoso Plus PDC20. I am unsure of the differences other than the courses being put on the lid and digital. Of big concern when comparing the data sheet, see that PAC 20 is UL listed, but I can’t find anywhere on the V. Plus saying that it is UL listed. Can you check into this please? Thanks.

    • Hi Deirdre, the PDC20 is a replacement of PAC20, as the PAC20 has been discontinued. The PDC20 has more courses, including Multigrain, Salt Free, Sugar Free, Vegan and European courses. The PDC20 is also UL listed. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  5. Due to COVID, I cannot find rapid rise yeast anywhere. I do have tt
    traditional active dry yeast. How do I substitute this?

  6. I have been looking for a new bread machine. I have read some reviews that show early wear beneath the paddles in the pan. Does warranty cover early wear? I realize that over time everything wears out, but I don’t want to have to replace at my cost in less than a year. Thanks

    • Hi Don, please view Zojirushi America Corporation Limited Warranty for Electrical Products


      Overtime depending on the usage of the bread machine, the baking pan and kneading blades will wear and need replacement. Depending on the usage, maintenance and care, even the use of certain ingredients can affect the longevity of these parts.

      Should you encounter any issues with your product within the 1 year warranty period, do not hesitate to contact customer service to see how we may better assist you. You may reach Customer Service at support@zojirushi.com. Thank you!

  7. Hi, I really want to get this Virtuoso Plus, but the recipe book seems limited in terms of Artisan breads…do you plan on coming out with another book of tested recipes specifically for breads for this machine…the reason I say this is that i make pasta dough, cakes, jams, and pizza doughs separately without the use of a bread machine… I’m thinking olive breads, breads with dried fruits and nuts, a real chewy seeded rye bread with caraway seeds, baguettes, challah, focaccia, ciabatta, pumpernickel raisin rolls…do you have a blog for recipes or a Pinterest of newly developed recipes specifically to THIS particular machine since this is your top of the line machine?

  8. Hi, I have been looking to buy Virtuoso Plus model but it’s out of stock in most of the regular stores like Target, Bedbathandbeyond etc.and Amazon is selling it for double the regular price. When are you going to have this particular model in stock? Looks like there is really short supply right now. Thanks!

  9. I tried using the delay timer with course 11 for making pizza dough. It wouldn’t let me – does the timer work on all courses or only a select few with the Virtuoso?

    • Hello K, the delay timer feature is not available for the dough setting. The delay timer is designed to be used with most of the courses that will result in a baked loaf. The timer feature is available for course White, Whole Wheat, European, Multigrain, Salt Free, Sugar Free, and Homemade with the Shape cycle off. I hope this helps!

  10. Hi – I am having a problem with European 3 cycle. The bread continues to no turn out. I am under the impression it is also supposed to bake the bread and is not just a dough cycle. I cannot figure what I am doing wrong.

  11. The virtuoso is an a wonderful machine. I have been making bread every week since the purchase of this machine. We do not buy store bought bread except for Thomas’s English Muffins. I have made White, Rye, and dough for rolls, buns and pizza. In addition I have make pasta dough. I have had amazing results with each item. Thank you for creating a wonderful machine. On a side note, when my family was here from across the pond for the summer, we were making 2-3 loaves a day. Everyone of them came out perfect. This has been the best investment i have made for my kitchen.

  12. VIRTUOSO PDC20 recipe book DOES NOT HAVE a Banana bread recipe. And I cannot find it online, although there are indications on the Google Cache…some say 2 egg, some say 3.

    • Hi Andy, we don’t recommend it with the light sourdough recipe. You can use your own starter if you follow the Traditional Sourdough recipe in the BB-PAC20 manual. You will use 2 cups of your starter with the recipe. Unfortunately, we don’t have a rye sourdough bread recipe. Rye is difficult type of flour to work with so it may take a lot of trial and error if you test using it. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  13. I would love to have even more recipes for the virtuoso plus. Is there anywhere to find more or is there another recipe book available? Also is it at all possible to make smaller quantities or is all the bread 2lbs?
    Thank you

    • Hi Mary, we have a growing library of recipes on our website that you can always check here. You can bake up a 1.5 lb recipe or a recipe similar in size to the mini recipes included in the recipe book. Any smaller will not work out in this model. Unfortunately we don’t have a printed recipe book aside from the one included with the breadmaker. We hope this helps!

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