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No more boring lunches! Did you know we have so many Food Jars and Drink Mugs in so many colors and sizes, you could mix and match them to fit any mood of your day? Fill them with our delicious, colorful recipes and bring the ultimate lunch that will stimulate your appetite for sure. Also, Zojirushi will again sponsor the Onigiri Action Campaign this year, so be sure to read how you can support this great cause.


Creamy Edamame Soup Creamy Edamame Soup Creamy Edamame Soup

Creamy Edamame Soup

You’ve heard of Split Pea Soup? Try this unique variation if you love edamame. The silky character and fresh color of this soup is calling you—put it in your food jar and bring it for lunch.

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Soy Mango Pudding

Who doesn’t love pudding—our mango dessert can be prepared easily with your microwave and packed in a cold food jar to finish. By the time you’re ready to eat, it’s chilled and firm pudding!

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BSoy Mango Pudding Soy Mango Pudding Soy Mango Pudding

Dish up your take-out.

Triple Flavor Chicken Onigiri

Pair your delicious Edamame Soup with our Triple Flavor Chicken Onigiri and bring it all in our low-key Food Jars and Drink Mugs. Your appetite will thank you.

Classically Built Onigiri

Our basic but Classically Built Onigiri will go well with Edamame Soup. It’s the perfect simple lunch for the office—and bring some hot green tea too.

Bean Onigiri Trio

Here’s a colorful lunch combo—our Bean Onigiri Trio and this month’s Mango Pudding. Pack everything in our pastel insulated Food Jars and enjoy chilled dessert.

Spam Musubi

Go local with our Spam® Musubi and Mango Pudding. Strong flavors to be sure, but a rich lunch experience if you use our colorful Food Jars and Drink Mugs.


What you need to know… What you need to know… What you need to know…

New colors and new technology…our SW-K Series Food Jars and SM-ZB48 Mugs offer a better way to bring your lunch to wherever you need to go, as piping hot or refreshingly chilled as you want. They’re easier to use now, too!

Heat and cold retention

Heat and cold retention are better than ever. If you thought you could eat your meal at the same temperature as when you packed it in the morning, wouldn’t that make you excited for lunch?

Therma Lid

The newly designed Therma Lid keeps the hot or cold inside the food jar longer. Enjoy your lunch the way it was meant to be.

Lid Construction

We’ve simplified the lid construction. That means less parts to worry about when cleaning up—a time saver when drying too.

SM-ZB48 Stainless Mugs

Our SM-ZB48 Stainless Mugs make a great matching partner with our Food Jars. Next time you want to bring a hot or cold drink, add this to your lunch set and complete the feast.

What makes you hungry?

Let’s get deeper into rice! Let’s get deeper into rice! Let’s get deeper into rice!

Color is more important to your food than you might think, and its influence is everywhere. The USDA grades our orange juice based on color, to make sure the quality of the concentrated juice that you get from the market has passed their color standard. Many fast food companies rely on certain colors to stimulate our appetite. Color experts believe that red and yellow are the most appealing colors that make us hungry, so they’re the most commonly used colors in corporate logos. It’s been called the “Ketchup and Mustard Theory” after how marketers use these colors to grab our attention. Now you know…

Tomato Sausage Penne

Tomato Sausage Penne

A colorful dish that you can make all in one pot; even the penne cooks right along with the other ingredients. Pack it in your Food Jar and bring a delicious hot lunch.

Rainbow Cake Goodies

Rainbow Cake Goodies

Just looking at these little bites makes you want to pick one up and taste what those colors taste like. What’s great is that they’re colorful both on the inside and out.

Grilled Vegetables

Grilled Vegetables

Take out your grill or griddle and cook up some fresh veggies. The natural color of vegetables and the taste just can’t be beat. It’s healthy eating, and guaranteed to elevate your meal.

Broken Glass Jello

Broken Glass Jello

It’s only Jello, but it looks so good! See how Bert-san made this easy dessert using his water boiler to save time, from having to boil and measure the hot water.


Onigiri Action Onigiri Action Onigiri Action

This year will mark the 9th year in a row that Zojirushi will sponsor Onigiri Action, our favorite charity by the nonprofit Table For Two organization. Between October 4 and November 17 2023, just take a picture of your onigiri and post to the social media of your choice, hashtag #OnigiriAction. Or you can post on the Onigiri Action campaign page. Every entry you post guarantees that Table For Two will donate FIVE school meals to hungry kids in need around the world. Let’s all do even better this year—post those pics and join us in the fight against food insecurity!

Onigiri Action-1

Just take a photo of your onigiri to share.

Onigiri Action-2

Post it on your social media with #OnigiriAction

Onigiri Action-3

School meals will get delivered.

SOnigiri Action-4

For more info, go to the Onigiri Action Campaign page.


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