Bert-san’s Take—Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet (EP-RAC50) & Giveaway

Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet EP-RAC50

I am so happy to announce my first giveaway for Zojirushi this month! To enter, read the contest rules at the end of this article for your chance to win a new Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet EP-RAC50!

This is a review that I should have done a long time ago; not only because this Zojirushi product is probably their most underrated appliance ever, but also because people should know how really versatile it is. The Electric Skillet has been in their line-up for a long time, which shows how time-tested and trustworthy it has been. For our family, It gets the most use around our house for a variety of meals (only the rice cooker and water boiler gets more time, but they’re specialized).

Check out the recipes available on the Zojirushi site under Other Electric Products and you’ll see how many were cooked with the skillet. So many awesome one-pot meals you can make! I put the skillet through a workout with a classic Japanese hot pot called Tori Nabe (chicken hot pot), because it’s still a bit chilly out there, and it isn’t a heavy hot pot dish like you’d want in the middle of winter. Tori Nabe uses mainly chicken chunks, vegetables, tofu and a light chicken broth.

Once you get used to controlling the temperature on the skillet, it’s easy to cook with it. It heats up very fast so it didn’t take long to bring everything to a boil with the glass lid on.
It's easy to cook with the EP-RAC50 Electric Skillet

In about 10 minutes you’ll be done so you can bring it down to a simmer and just dig in. The beauty of this dish and the skillet is the portability. You’re not anchored to the stove because you can simply cook on the dining table. You’re not even having to serve because your eaters can serve themselves right out of the pan, so you’re enjoying hot pot the way it was really meant to be.
Cooking tori nobe

This skillet also comes with a shallow pan, which is big enough to almost be a griddle. In our Korean/Japanese household, we’re always going to get both cuisines, so here’s a couple of dishes where a flat surface area like this makes stir frying easy. We had just enough leftover rice to make Korean Bibimbap—my favorite.
Cooking bibimbap with the EP-RAC50

If you’ve ordered this at a Korean restaurant you might have had it in a dolsot stone pot, the crazy heavy bowl (sometimes solid granite) that gets so hot it browns and toasts the rice by the time you’re ready to eat it at the table. The Zojirushi skillet gets major points for heating evenly across the entire surface, able to replicate the rice browning for the bibimbap!
Stirring the bibimbap

By the way, bibimbap can be made totally vegetarian like this one is, and you won’t miss the meat because it’s so flavorful. For me, I like how the fried egg mellows out the taste of the gochujang spicy paste. And to make this at home easily, go to your local Korean market (hopefully you have one nearby) and purchase all the ingredients seasoned and pre-made.
Crispy rice for perfect bibimbap

Similarly to bibimbap, Japanese Yakisoba can also be made easily from a kit sold at most Japanese grocery stores. Get some sliced pork and the veggies you have lying around the house and just assemble—they even furnish the sauce packet.
Yakisoba kit

Plenty of space in the pan to stir-fry two portions of yakisoba.
Cooking Yakisoba in the EP-RAC50 electric skillet

Just cook and you’re done—so easy. Yakisoba is probably one of the most popular street foods in Japan and can be found in hundreds of permutations because of the variety of ingredients that are used. Growing up in Japan, my memories include finding them at the temples during summer festivals, with the sound of cicadas ringing from the trees.
The yakisoba is done

Some nice variations that you might like are Yakisoba Pan (stuffed in a hot dog bun), Omusoba (stuffed in an omelet), or Yaki Udon (made with udon noodles). My version of a completely dressed up yakisoba is topping it with Japanese aonori (seaweed flakes) and red ginger.
Yakisoba with aonori and red ginger

The Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet was provided by Zojirushi and I’ve been using it to make all kinds of dishes for this blog, but we found it so useful that we also bought the smaller version of this skillet for ourselves. It’s the perfect size for when we only need enough food for two. You can check it out here: Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet EP-PBC10. And if you want to see what else we’ve done with these skillets, you can see some of my older posts below:

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Mille-Feuille Nabe
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EP-RAC50 Giveaway

1. Answer this question in the Comments section below—how would you use the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet to cook for your family?

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This giveaway will run from April 4th, 2023 until April 17th, 2023, and is open to U.S. and Canada residents only.

One winner will be selected at random on the following business day after closing, and be contacted by email. You must respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

More rules:
•Must be 18+ and resident of US or Canada
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Please note that these recipes were not tested by Zojirushi America.

All images by Bert Tanimoto ©2023

673 thoughts on “Bert-san’s Take—Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet (EP-RAC50) & Giveaway

  1. If is browns well, I would use it mostly for chicken dishes. I would also use it for stir fries and Mongolian Beef.

  2. My pregnant wife loves Japanese and Korean food, and with a baby boy n the way, I look forward to using this appliance to one day introducing him to his momma’s favorite foods!

  3. I’ve always wanted one of these to make hotpot at the table. I really like that it has different inserts you can get so you can do yin yang style hotpot. But I do really like your bibimbap suggestion. I’m not sure I would have thought of that, but I’d definitely try it.

  4. My pregnant wife loves Japanese and Korean food, and with a baby boy on the way, I look forward to using this to introduce him to his momma’s favorite dishes.

  5. With all the different combinations available, we’d use the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet to enjoy delicious hotpot! Everyone gets to customize his/her plate to their own palate. It’s definitely a great way to have everyone gather around the dinner table (or for any meal, really). (^_^)

  6. We love making hotpot in our house. From Sukiyaki, Shabu Shabu, Nabemono, Oden, Chankonabe, Buda Jjigae and more. It’s so fun and a wonderful way to engage with each other over delicious food.

  7. Everything looks absolutely delicious but the bibimbap would be my go to. My Zojirushi rice cooker would compliment this so well!

  8. I watch my children do hotpot for themselves and not being a fan of the vegetables in a hotpot, I never owned one. I’m thinking it’s about time for me to try it. If I don’t win one, I may just buy one.

  9. I’ve been wanting one of these forever! I’d love to make stir fry recipes and also my Indian recipes with this beautiful appliance! I’d probably even try to make breakfast in it as well! I think it would be perfect for me so I can make our meals sitting down at the table since I can’t stand very long.

  10. My uncle brought a bunch of ingredients from a korean grocery store when he moved back home. I would use the big tub of gochujang he gifted to me to create some spicy stir fry as a way to repay his kindness.

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  14. Love this unit. I have used ir multiple times always with excellent results. Last night OI made my Taco chicken and my Taco beef. Have not used the hotpot yet. I also have the griddle large and small,rice maker and bread machine. All excellent quality.

  15. My wife and I would learn a bunch of hot pot recipes and also experiment using it for other foods like BBQ pork.

  16. My birthday is coming up, so I would use the skillet to make one of my favorites bibimbap to share with my loved ones.

  17. I would use it for soon dubu, oden, dakdoritang, yosenabe, Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes), okonomiyaki,… so many dishes our family enjoys! Maybe even a creamy alfredo pasta, Now wondering if it could cook sekihan?… or vietnamese crepes banh xeo?

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  19. so many dishes I can make for my family in this… ttukbokki, korean fish stew, kimchi chigae, etc… countless warm, savory dishes for our family.

  20. I would make bibimbap! I always make extra rice so I can have some the next day. It would also be nice for hotpot because winters are so cold here.

  21. I love Bimbimbap so I definitely would use it to make that often as well as hotpot! It’s been cold so i def would want to make hotpot for me and my family often using this it would be awesome! This electric skillet would be a great addition to my kitchen.

  22. With this very cool appliance, I’d make lots of the things I currently make on the stovetop, like skillet enchilada casserole, sloppy Joes, fried rice, and unstuffed peppers. I’d also love to try new things, like the Cheesy Stuffed Hamburger recipe from your website – looks yummy! (You have so many tempting and fun recipes; hello Chocolate Raspberry Tofu Pie and Self-Serve Cheese Fondue!)

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  25. I’d have a sukiyaki dinner one night, Shabu shabu another night, and then okonomiyaki another night. I’d definitely make the bibimbap and yakisoba for lunch.

  26. I love that the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet EP-RAC50 has a flat plate and a deep pan. I would use the flat plat for yakisoba and the deep plan for hot pot!

  27. I would love to do a nabe on the cooler days of spring, but I’m intrigued by the bimbimbap as we do love a crispy rice

  28. Would love to try each one of the recipe in this blog but thinking community Oyako-don. So I can cook with all the ingredient and let the picky(s) on the family choose what to get.

  29. So many possibilities! Okinawan and Filipino household here so: sengiri, sukiyaki, nikujaga, goya champuru, adobo, tortang talong, menudo…the list goes on!

  30. Theres so many things i would love to make that we do now but dont really have the equipment but my family loves getting together for hotpot. Its a fun activity for all of us. Sukiyaki is always a huge plus! I would actually love to try doing some dessert recipes. I havent decided what exactly yet but im i do love kabocha so maybe something involving that!

  31. My son and I are experimental cooks. Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, etc. He’s been bugging me to make Bimbimbap. I’ve never eaten it, but it’s one of his favorites. OK, so yeah, Bimbimbap.

    But of course, I would use it for any dish that required a hot surface to cook it. I have more than enough one-purpose appliances now.

    • What would I not cook? I would cook Sukiyaki, okonomiyaki, gyoza, yakisoba and also American Cajun dishes would be great .

  32. My family often like to eat soups and noodles. We will definitely love to use this to cook hot pot, also to make yakisoba or other Asian fried noodles!
    But I personally think cooking with this Zojirushi electric skillet on the dining table will make foods extra delicious.

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  34. I would experiment with several Filipino recipes that tend to take hours. Excited that there is a shallow and deep skillet and several methods to cook something simplistic to a full meal. Electric skillets are under-rated. My mom used one to fry chicken when we were growing up.

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  37. This looks like the perfect thing for making chicken galbi (a delicious spicy Korean dish!) and then fried rice after with the bits stuck on the pan

  38. I would use it to make breakfast (eggs, bacon,etc) bite size steak, fried rice, etc. Basically use it for all kinds of meals.

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  40. I would use the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet to cook for my HUGE familly of 7! I make dinner every night, we very rarely eat out,, its just too expensive. I love to get creative and try new recipes. This Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet would make my life easier and allow me to get creative with new dishes! Thank you.

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  43. Endless possibilities…we are a family who loves to cook and experiment with different foods from different cultures — this skillet would be a wonderful addition to our kitchen – something we all would definitely use and use often.

  44. My Family and I eat mainly Recipes from India
    My Grandchildren live with me
    That are 6,7,10 and they do a great job
    This skillet cooks evenly which would be a big plus
    I have never understood why I can’t cook evenly

    The 10 year old sometimes cooks it himself- of course I am always there
    This pan looks amazing

  45. I would use it to make big delicious breakfast skillets. It’s one of my favourite ways to start the day and this would make it quicker and easier.

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  50. We use electric skillets for our Girl Scout troop all the time. It’s a great way to get more girls doing hands-on cooking in the kitchen. It’s also a great way for our daughter to practice cooking at the same time as me. Perfect learning tool! Also really great for camping!

  51. To start, I would use the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet for stir fries, but it seems very adaptable to a wide variety of uses.

  52. I would make a noodle dish but I would definitely get a recipe book and try many dishes! Awesome prize and I have my fingers crossed!

  53. I’m using it using it to make spicy soft tofu jjigae or hotpot. My family loves Korean and Japanese foods and we make it a few times a week. Today we’re going to hmart to get ingredients for our hotpot, some kimchi, kbbq ingredients and the rest of the things we need for fried chicken.

  54. I would use this when we camp. We always cook for big groups for breakfast & this would be perfect to make bacon, eggs & home fries in.

  55. SO many choices! I’d love to make breakfast skillets, the quick heat feature would make excellent paninis for lunch, and I’d love to try a traditional vegetarian Japanese dish!

  56. I’d make Korean BBQ – Beef Bulgogi with this Gourmet d’Expert Electric Skillet, and my family would love it!

  57. As a chef at a pharmaceutical company for research in cancer we make meals to nourish our clients every single day of the year. I’d love to use my recipes and your equipment to make my family the best meals possible using your amazing equipment. Thank you.

  58. I eat correctly with a lot of well-balanced veggies, meats and nutritious sides daily as its the only way to live life with fun, smiles and family and friends.

  59. I would have my family come over for dinner every Sunday. I would make hot pot which we would all enjoy as we sat around chatting and catching up on our weekly activities.

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    I think this would be fun for a Mexican night dish at home since we love bright and colorful dishes in my house. Plus, I know I’d love an easier way to prep everything in one appliance, just like this one.

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  69. I have about a dozen family favorite recipes that would work great with this electric skillet! I think I’d start with a shrimp and broccoli stir-fry and go on from there. 🙂

  70. Oh wow, this looks amazing and we love our zojirushi products so I would love this to make cooking dinners and lunches more easily.

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  74. There are so many recipes to choose from that’s why it was invented. It sure come handy when we travel my husband and I

  75. The Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet would be perfect for my wife as she has learned how to cook healthy while loosing over 100 lbs. She is trying different recipes and and ways to cook.

  76. I already have a 1997 Zojirushi NeuroFuzzy rice cooker, so I would make some Ma Po tofu and serve it with rice from my good old NeuroFuzzy!

  77. I would try making vegetarian or vegan meals for my family with this skillet. Seems like an easy and helpful way to cook and eat healthy.

  78. First I’d make simple white rice, to figure the thing out, probably broccoli and beef next, maybe a stroganoff, who knows? It would be nice to have a hot pot I could use on the table.

  79. I would make a big breakfast, eggs, bacon or ham, grits, hashbrowns and pancakes. Maybe even some fresh made fruit spread for the buttered toast. I haven’t had an electric skillet in over 30 years and really could use one now!

  80. Beef Stroganoff is a big hit in my family so we’d probably use it for that but I also want to try yakisoba now after reading about it on your blog.

  81. The possibilities with what to use this for are endless! I would love to try it on so many different dishes and it would be handy if we travel.

  82. I love this pan! I could make most anything – matcha pancakes in the morning and pineapple stir fry for dinner, I saw that video with the fondue in the pan – oh boy! May have to try that!

  83. I would like to try & make this delicious looking dish and stir fries in this pan. I would also make the Beef Stroganoff, which is my husband’s favourite! These One-Pan Meals look extremely easy and healthy in this pan.

  84. I’d use the Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet to cook meals out on my covered porch all summer long. Especially flavorful meals leave a strong aroma in my home, so I’d be very happy to utilize the electric skillet to fry up the likes of items like the onions my family often enjoys with our meals. I would also use it at family barbeques to make a whole meal in one dish using chicken, noodles, and vegetables. All in all, I would just be grateful to win!

  85. Thanks for this amazing opportunity. I would use this Gourmet d’Expert® Electric Skillet to cook some tasty dishes for my loving family such asYakisoba,veggie stir fry,stews and anything else my family desires!

  86. I’m not the main cook in the house but I’m sure I would slowly become more and more involved if we had this in the kitchen. I would start with an omelette in the morning for breakfast and go to a stir-fry for supper !!

  87. I would use the gourmet electric skillet to make some stir frys with chicken or beef, rice,noodles, bamboo shoots and all kinds of vegetables.It would be so versatile and funtional to try many differnt and delicious meals.It would be so appreciated.#Gourmet D’Expert

  88. I would make some Japanese food never made it before, so I would love to win this wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much for the opportunity

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  90. I’d make lots of hot pots, and a variety of Thai curries to share with family and friends. Not all at the same time, lol.

  91. There are so many Korean and Japanese recipes I have seen on the internet reading Korean or Japanese mangas that I want to try cooking for me and my family.

  92. I have never tried Yakisoba, but it want to and this skillet looks incredible! I have a Zojirushi bread maker and LOVE IT! I would be thrilled to own this skillet and I would use it often. I RARELY eat out. My friends and family say my home is one of their favorite places to eat.I hope to own all the Zojirushi products one day. Thank you for the chance to win!

  93. Looks great! I would try the Hawaiian Chicken Hekka and some other recipes that I have not tried. The skillet looks easy to use and clean. I like to cook and really hope to win!. Thanks!

  94. I would use this many times over the summer. We have a camper without a kitchen and we spend 3 months at an RV park where we can cook. I could use this on the patio area to make great dinners.

  95. This looks interesting appliance that looks to be a multi-use for different meal types to experiment with plus the recipes to check out. That is important to me because I lost 1/2 of my taste buds due to a experience with cancer with chemo & radiation treatments so far with good results with crossed fingers. Taste buds suffered but I still can taste.

  96. I would most likely have time to cook again. Working two full time jobs just to keep a roof over our heads doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

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  98. Fried spaghetti is a family favorite.
    Fry hamburger patties first and they add cooked spaghetti after removing the burgers. fry until crisp and serve.

  99. Porcupine Meatballs. They are best in an electric skillet and the one I got for a wedding present in 1989 quit working recently.

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