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Precision Meets Performance: Transform Your Kitchen with the Zojirushi Commercial Rice Cooker

Large rice cooker in stainless with black trimmings

Preparing the perfect bowl of rice can require time, care, and precision, which can be a challenge for those working in busy restaurant kitchens.

Enter the Zojirushi Commercial Rice Cooker NYC-36, a culinary marvel that makes the process easy at the flip of a switch. Designed for maximum performance and durability, it is the rice cooker of choice for cooks and chefs working in kitchens today.

A trusted tool of culinary experts.

Large stainless rice cooker in a kitchen and someone is opening the lid

A 20-cup powerhouse designed to flawlessly cook and keep your rice warm until ready to serve, Zojirushi’s Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer elevates culinary creations to improve diner satisfaction.

The “keep warm” feature maintains your rice at the perfect serving temperature, ensuring your guests have a delightful experience with every bite. This feature complements a variety of menu items and global cuisines.

Close up of the bottom front of the rice cooker with a black panel with a switch that has keep warm and cook setting with a small light bulb on the side of each setting

This commercial electric rice cooker stands the test of even the most bustling of kitchens. Crafted with a durable stainless-steel exterior, the Zojirushi Commercial Rice Cooker promises longevity and resilience. The nonstick inner cooking pan adds a touch of convenience. Engraved with a rice water measure lines, both works together to make cooking and cleaning a breeze.

Large stainless rice cooker with the lid open and a person in the background lifting out the cooking pan

Ease and versatility at your fingertips

The Zojirushi Commercial Rice Cooker & Warmer is more than an appliance; it’s a culinary ally. From crafting perfect sushi rice to preparing flavorful rice bowls, this industrial rice cooker effortlessly adapts to any demand. With it being able to prepare 40 servings at a time, it is a must-have for your restaurant or catering business.

Whether you’re running a busy restaurant or catering an event, this commercial rice cooker is the most reliable choice for any kitchen or service setting where rice is the star of the dish.

When preparing your rice in this restaurant rice cooker, you will experience ease like never before as the side condensation collector manages excess moisture efficiently.

The detachable and washable inner lid further ensure that the highest standards of cleanliness are never compromised. Furthermore, the inclusion of an extra-large rice spatula adds even more convenience to your kitchen routine.

Zojirushi’s signature quality and safety standard

Proudly bearing the ETLus and NSF certifications, the Commercial Rice Cooker ensures your commitment to the highest safety and sanitation standards in keeping with Zojirushi’s long standing dedication to quality.

Raised view of the rice cooker with a person removing the transparent dew collector on the right side Explore more on YouTube and social media

Want to see it up close? Visit Zojirushi’s YouTube channel for a detailed look at the Commercial Rice Cooker & Warmer and discover more about Zojirushi’s range of commercial products.

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