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Effortless Efficiency: The Zojirushi Commercial Water Boiler & Warmer CD-LTC50

Water boiler and warmer on a white backgroundWith Zojirushi’s Commercial Water Boiler & Warmer CD-LTC50 your business will always have access to precisely heated water on demand. Whether it’s for a quick cup of tea, a necessary ingredient for a dish, or a warm welcome to a guest, this reliable hot water dispenser is there to enhance every interaction. Join us as we dive into the remarkble features of this product and discover how it can  elevate your service and delight your guests. 


Tailored Temperature Control: 

This machine gives you the control you need, whether you’re brewing various types of tea or ensuring foods are cooked at the ideal temperature. This water boiler and warmer offers versatility for your culinary needs with three different temperature settings: 208°F (98°C), 195°F (90°C), and 175°F (80°C).  

Did you know that matcha is ideally made at 175°F, while black is best brewed at 208°F? Check out our full tea brewing guide here to see how this commercial water boiler and warmer can accommodate a wide range of common beverage needs. 


Generous Capacity and Convenience: 

The CD-LTC50 boasts a generous 169 oz. (5-liter) capacity, capable of serving up to 21-8 oz. cups. This makes it a must-have for busy restaurants, cafes, and event spaces. With the convenient REBOIL feature, you can quickly bring water back to a boil, and the optional QUICK TEMP mode reaches 195°F or 175°F without boiling, saving both time and energy.  

CD-LTC Control Panel from the top

Designed for Safety and Ease: 

Zojirushi understands that safety is paramount in any commercial appliance. The Commercial Water Boiler & Warmer CD-LTC50 includes an automatic dispense-lock—a safety feature that prevents unintended dispensing to prevent accidents and burns. Additionally, its 7-hour delay timer can be set up the night before, ensuring that hot water is ready when you open for business in the morning. 


No Plumbing Required: 

One of the standout features of the CD-LTC50 is its ease of use. With no plumbing required, this countertop hot water dispenser can be set up and ready to use in any commercial setting quickly. It’s not only effective but also incredibly convenient, fitting easily into any business model without requiring extensive modifications or installations. 


Made in Japan: 

Crafted in Japan, the CD-LTC50 adheres to the highest standards of quality and performance. Conforming to ANSI/UL STD. 197, it’s certified for commercial use, ensuring that it meets strict safety and performance criteria. 

Consider the Zojirushi the Commercial Water Boiler & Warmer CD-LTC50 a reliable business partner that adapts to your pace. Whether you’re catering to a rush of morning customers or need a steady supply of hot water throughout the day for the office, the CD-LTC50 is designed to keep up without skipping a beat.  pouring hot water into the cup noodleHow has our Commercial Water Boiler & Warmer changed the game in your business? Do you have any tips or tricks you want to share, or a particular drink or dish that’s become easier to prepare thanks to this water boiler? We’d love to hear your stories! Share your experiences with us on social media by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook using. #Zojirushi #ZoFan 



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