Design Explained – Mesh Safety Nets in Our Water Boilers

When designing our products, we choose our materials very carefully. We also consider how these materials are put together, with an eye towards functionality, practicality, ease of use, and maintenance. We’ve designed a mesh Safety Net into our water boilers, and this small component protects the dispensing mechanism in a smart way.

The Safety Net is a small, basket-shaped piece of metal mesh, fixed to the bottom of the inner containers of our water boilers upside-down. It prevents pieces of limescale or other debris from entering the dispensing mechanism, which pumps water so it can be dispensed. Limescale, which is generally comprised of calcium and other minerals naturally found in water, can build up inside the water boiler through normal use. Over time, limescale flakes off into small pieces that can get into the dispensing mechanism of the water boiler, preventing the machine from working properly. The machine makes a “grinding” sound when water is dispensed and eventually breaks. The mesh Safety Net acts as a filter that blocks rogue flakes of limescale from entering the water boilers’ dispensing mechanisms, and as a result, protects it.

Aside from making sure the filter is always in place when in use, we recommend treating your water boiler with our Citric Acid Cleaner once every three months. Doing so will remove limescale even before they flake off. Simply dissolve one packet of the Citric Acid Cleaner in a cup of warm water. Pour the mixture into your empty water boiler and fill the inner container with water. Close the lid and turn the machine onto the cleaning cycle, as per the instruction manual. Once the cycle finishes – usually about an hour later – unplug the machine and empty out the water. The final step is to rinse and dispense resulting in your water boiler becoming just like new! Check out our instructional video and if you ever lose your Safety Net, remember that a replacement can always be purchased from our Parts & Accessories store!

Stay tuned for next month’s Design Explained, where we talk about more smart and innovative features built into our products!

20 thoughts on “Design Explained – Mesh Safety Nets in Our Water Boilers

  1. Hi, I accidentally lost the mesh filter in the disposal. I have been looking for one to replace it. Where can I get one? I have a vacuum-electric hybrid water boiler. Thank you.


  2. Question: Can I use water filtered with Brita or any other filter based on activated carbon and ion-exchange resin?

  3. Good afternoon
    I live in Canada and lost the mesh filter for my CV-DSC. is it possible to order a replacement one from you to be shipped to Canada.
    I purchased one here however it is a light material and does not fit properly

  4. Hi, are there any videos explaining how to reinstall the filter? In the water boiler I purchased, the filter fell out of the spot and I can’t figure out how to put it back in.

  5. Question: I just saw where there is a Prop 65 California warning on the mesh filter due to the nickel which is known to cause cancer. I love the water boiler. Can I use it without the mesh filter?

    • Hi Sherry, we don’t recommend removing the filter since it prevents any large debris from going inside the water boiler and clogging the passage of water. Nickel is an important alloying element in food-grade stainless steel. It provides high anti-corrosive properties to the stainless steel (surgical steel contains nickel). The mesh filter is made of high quality food-grade stainless steel and is completely safe to use.

      Please note that the warning doesn’t mean that our product is unsafe or not up to the product safety standards by the FDA. In fact, the California government has clarified that the fact that a product bears a Prop 65 warning doesn’t mean by itself that the product is unsafe. For further information, please go to .

  6. Hello, I just re purchase CD-WBQ 22. From my experience using the previous one, I’m wondering how to remove and attach back the mesh net filter without scratching the surface of inner hole? As my old one I saw the coating peel off on some part of the inner hole ( as a result of the friction when remove and attach the mesh net obviously). Is that coat with the non stick coating material too? Please advise. Thanks

    • Hi May, the filter should be pulled out, cleaned, and replaced before performing a citric acid cleaning. Over time and use the nonstick coating may experience wear, this is normal. This will not affect its performance or sanitary properties and is harmless to your health. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  7. I lost my mesh filter, so I checked your store, it is out of stock, and I can’t find it anywhere else, when can I buy a new one? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Jer, first we would recommend performing a citric acid cleaning to make sure it’s not mineral deposits. It’s very rare that the nonstick would peel as it usually is caused by scratches on the surface. However, if the nonstick coating is indeed peeling, then the liner may be replaced by an authorized service center. Please contact your closest authorized service center and they will be happy to help!

      Service Centers:

  8. The screen netting where it meets the bottom seems to be rusting. Please advise. Does this mean the entire unit needs to be replaced?

    • Hi Erren, the “rust” is iron deposits that have accumulated. Please try performing a citric acid cleaning as recommended in the instruction manual. This process should descale any mineral accumulation on the surface of the water boiler. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  9. I lost my mesh filter, so I checked your store, it is out of stock, and I can’t find it anywhere else, when can I buy a new one? Thanks so much.

    CV-DSC40 Safety Net, is there one from another model that will fit this

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