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Design Explained – Our Innovative Lids: Types

It’s summer time and we always have one of our vacuum insulated mugs on hand. Water, iced tea, hot beverages…no matter what, our stainless mugs are designed to let you carry your favorite beverage in style.

Zojirushi Vacuum Insulated Mug at the Beach

Over the years, we’ve listened to your feedback, and incorporated four smart design features into the lids we use for our stainless mugs: the two-step release and the safety lock in the flip-open mugs, the covered sipping area and the disassembling parts for all mugs.

Flip-open Lid - Step 1 - Zojirushi

Step 1

Flip-open lids are super convenient. They’re great in any situation where one-handed operation is required, such as when traveling. The two-step release in our flip-open lids works by allowing the lid open in 2-steps. The first step happens when you push and hold the open button. The open button hooks onto the lid and prevents it from opening, and at the same time, allowing condensation on the lid to flow back into the mug. When you release the button as the second step, the spring at the hinge of the lid will allow the lid to spring open, and because of the first step, wont’ fling any condensation at your friend while doing so. As long as nothing is impeding the back of the lid, the lid will open all the way and stay in place, making it easy to drink without getting bumped in the face by a wobbly lid.

Flip-open Lid - Step 1 - Zojirushi

Step 2

The smart safety lock feature of the flip-open lids ensures that the lid doesn’t accidentally open in a bag or purse, causing leaks and spills.

Flip-open Lid - Safety Lock - Zojirushi

Safety Lock

Along with these great features, both the flip-open and twist-open lids are designed to keep the sipping area clean by keeping it covered when you’re not taking a sip, so you don’t have to worry about getting sand on the sip area if it tips over at the beach. Perfect for summer beach days!

Clean sipping area - Zojirushi

Clean sipping area!

And finally, the disassembling parts of our lids, whether flip-open or twist-open, mean the lids can be thoroughly cleaned. It’s the worst to find that you’ve been cleaning the lids of other bottles and yet there is still dirt, or worse, mold, inside the components. Each piece is washable and gaskets allow the re-assembled lid to fit tightly and securely.

Disassembling the lid - Zojirushi

Disassembling lid of SM-TAE48SA

Another lid disassemble

Disassembling lid of SM-NAE48SA

Each of these features make our stainless mugs stylish and functional…all part of our commitment to smart design. Let us know which mug you have and how you like the lids in the comments below!

20 thoughts on “Design Explained – Our Innovative Lids: Types

  1. I thought about buying the last model that came out, the SM-TA48. I read comment on Amazon.com saying it supports a few months the lid lock breaks. Even after switching to the company, the problem occurred again. It would be a design flaw.

  2. I recently purchased SD-ES10BZ cool bottle. This is probably my 5th container. I am finding that I like the drinking spout on the 20oz bottles a lot better. Is there a way to interchange the lids? Do you make a 35oz bottle with the drinking spout of the 20oz?

  3. My drinking bottle SM-SC35-PV lid assembly still has a slight smell of mold even though I took it all apart and scrubbed with dish detergent. I have never filled it with anything but water.

    Can I dip it in water with a little detergent and a drop or two of bleach–then rinse thoroughly???? Thanks! These mugs are the best

  4. Would like to purchase cleaning detergent SB-ZA01E and gasket replacement set for model SM-KHE48-AG. Please email with details.

  5. SM=KHE48-NL The small, light grey thin gasket broke. Can I get a replacement gasket so my thermos won’t leak? I love these!

  6. Hello,
    Are the lids interchangeable for the SM-TAE48SA and SM-NAE48SA models?
    I would like to buy extra flip top lids for my mugs/tumblers that are non flip top.

  7. Would like a flip lid for my stunning mug SM-NAE48SA-AZ / EF190608. So many items on the Zoj website, I’m having trouble finding a suitable blue stopper/top. Please advise? Many thanks…we have nearly a dozen of your bottles, all outstanding!

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