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Design Explained – Our Innovative Lids: Features

Lids. Yes, we’re starting off 2019 talking about our lids.

Happy 2019, and we hope that you find this new series about how our smartly engineered product components work as interesting as we do! And lest you think we are a bunch of engineers sitting around geeking out about our products (which, we happily are!), we were inspired to write this series because of the many questions that you, our fans and enthusiasts, ask us.

One of the most frequently asked questions comes from those of you who use our bottles, lunch jars and food jars – the items that typically have screw-off lids. Upon first glance, many of our customers aren’t sure why our lids have multiple pieces, after all…isn’t one lid just like any other?

Of course not! We have designed our screw-off lids to cleverly solve a few problems, without requiring you to learn a new technology or to deal with lots of difficult processes. Let’s deconstruct the lid first.

Zojirushi Lid Deconstruction

It looks like a lot of pieces, but each one fits seamlessly and serves a purpose.

It looks like a lot of pieces, but each one fits seamlessly and serves a purpose. The Lid Cover and Lid Cover Gasket top the show. The Stopper Cover protects the inner stopper system, which is comprised of the Stopper, Valve Packing and Stopper Gasket, all of which help to prevent leaks. The Valve Packing helps manage pressure inside the main body that can be created when hot foods or drinks are stored in the container. The Lid Cover at the very top is removable to allow access to the Valve Packing when needed, and the extra space within the lid also creates an insulated barrier so that the temperature of the food or drink inside the main body is maintained.

Pressure release valve helps to release built-up pressure - Zojirushi

Pressure release valve helps to release built-up pressure

The components of the inner stopper system are meant to seal the main body shut, and the Valve Packing manages the pressure inside of the container. Sometimes, when the containers are filled with hot foods or beverages, pressure can build up inside and seal the lid tightly onto the main body. This is great when you’re making Steel Cut Oatmeal To-Go in Your Food Jar, but not so great when you have to open that food jar! Rather than forcing the lid off, and potentially scalding yourself, we’ve designed the lid so that you simply take off the Lid Cover, insert a toothpick into one of the two small holes in the  Stopper, and release some of the pressure inside of the main body. This works the similar to the way pressure is released from a pressure cooker. Then, just screw the lid off and enjoy!

Removable mouth ring for drinking comfort - Zojirushi

Removable mouth ring for drinking comfort

The Mouth Ring and Mouth Ring Gasket below the lid components are for drinking comfort, and the lid fits securely into this area. Additionally, the lid covers the area that touches your lips, keeping it clean. We’ve even heard that it’s great when your bottle rolls out of your bag onto the sandy beach, and the lid stays on to keep the drinking area clean of sand!

Most lids disassemble for thorough cleaning - Zojirushi

Most lids disassemble for thorough cleaning

Lids, because they come into contact with foods and beverages, can foster bacterial growth if they aren’t cleaned well and dried thoroughly. We’ve thought of that, too, and designed the lid to easily disassemble. Each component can be removed for thorough and hygienic cleaning.

Check out how convenient these smartly designed lids are – and of course, enjoy your fresh foods and beverages in our vacuum-insulated bottles, food jars and lunch jars. Our friendly Customer Service Representatives are available to answer any questions…especially the really geeky ones our product designers love!

16 thoughts on “Design Explained – Our Innovative Lids: Features

  1. i was really dissapointed when i found out the hole inside the lid wasn’t meant for sauce.
    please make a lid that can hold sauce.
    i really like ketchup with my chicken nuggets.
    and guac with my tortilla chips

  2. I bought the pink 0.5 L food container with product ID sw-eae50-ps. I lost the rubber in the valve packing when cleaned them in the dishwasher. Now it’s leaking through the top lid cover. Where can I get the rubber for the valve packing? Thanks for your advice.

  3. I have a 17 oz jar, EAE50 and I think the mouth ring gasket tore, the most external one, facing the bottom of the jar. Would a 25 oz mouth ring be compatible with a 17 oz lid?

  4. I have drink bottle SM-KHE48-BA .just dismantled for washing and cannot assemble. Please help. I have a white rubber ring and a smaller darker more sturdy ring. Where do they fit? Sorry this is not my forte .

  5. Saya beli lunch jar 3 susun yg seri SL- NC09 saat penutup sudah dikaitkan kok seperti tdk rapat dan goyang ya? Apa memang seperti itu ?

  6. you use alot of ewsources to explain how to dismantal the valve in the cover.
    but why do I have to clean it, you did not explain why. I need how to use the battle. Tea or coffee who to add tea, leave or powder? can I use coffee instant or powder? how good is making tea with the balle, I just make tea and store it with you very complicated battle….HA…HA

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