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Premium Thermal Carafe Ichimatsu Collection (AFFB-10)

Our vacuum insulated mugs, bottles and carafes come with three different types of innovative inner linings…our nonstick coating, our SlickSteel® electro-polished stainless steel, and our gorgeous glass liners.

Zojirushi Glass Liner

Our glass liner is part of our new Premium Thermal Carafe Ichimatsu Collection (AFFB-10). This carafe extends our line of glass lined carafes, including the Glass Vacuum Carafe (AH-EAE10) designed by British designer David Tong of The Division, the Euro Carafe (AG-KB10) and the Premium Thermal Carafe (AFFB-10S/19S).

Ichimatsu Collection

The Ichimatsu Collection carafe comes in white or black finishes and holds 34 oz. or 1.0 L of liquid. It features a one-touch pour, an easy-to-press side push open/close button and a comfortable handle for quick and easy serving. It also accommodates most brewing attachments for added convenience.

The truly unique and smart design of this carafe stems from the vacuum insulated glass liner that makes up the easy-to-clean interior, and the Ichimatsu pattern on the exterior.

The Ichimatsu pattern hold great historical and cultural significance in Japan. The pattern is a traditional Japanese two-toned checkerboard design that originated during the Edo Period (1603-1868) when a famous Kabuki actor, Sanogawa Ichimatsu, wore pants with the checkerboard pattern on stage. His style became so popular that the pattern was named after him. The pattern and finish of the Premium Thermal Carafe pays homage to this iconic design.

Glass Liner

Along with the stylish exterior, the glass lined interior offers an odor and stain resistant surface so beverages stay fresh. The glass liner is made of two layers of strong, durable and hygenic borosilicate glass, molded into the perfect shape at our factory in Osaka, Japan. The air between the two layers of glass is removed to create powerful vacuum insulation and the interior cavity between the two layers of glass is coated with silver plating to give it heat reflecting properties. We even have a cool video showing you how it’s done!

This new carafe is a great addition to your home or office table, and can be used for cold or hot beverages, including water, tea, coffee and so on. Learn more about it on our website or through our product video at

7 thoughts on “Product Inspirations –
Premium Thermal Carafe Ichimatsu Collection (AFFB-10)

  1. How come your carafes don’t say the plastic used in them (ie as in the plastic spout that the water is poured through) is BPA free in your online products catalog? But the other items such as stainless steel bottles with plastic tops are (in your online catalog) listed as having BPA free plastic. Does this mean you carafe (the plastic parts) are not BPA free?

  2. I did email customer service but received no response. the model I am referring to is Thermal Serve Carafe AHGB-10-RA (red)

    I also phoned the customer service line and the lady who answered the line did not know the answer (as to whether the red plastic top where the hot water would be poured out of has BPA or whether the twist top stopper has BPA (the white inner part of which faces the borosilicate liner inside the carafe).

    Also regarding my model AHGB-10-RA (red)
    I asked about the red metal body. She told me at first it did not have a metal body! I had my model in my hand it is definitely red painted metal and I tested it by sticking a weak magnet on its side! After she spoke to a tech she confirmed it was metal but could not answer my second question as well (is this metal stainless steel like the stainless steel thermal carafe and if not does it contain lead and/or cadmium in the metal part of the body).

    however I would like to point out that my question(s0 apply to all your thermal carafe models in the Thermal Carafe catalog page located at:

    I notice that in the pages with the water boilers and mugs etc each model clearly states BPA free for the plastic parts but in none of your thermal carafe pages does it do the same for *any* model! If they have BPA plastic parts (ie the plastic spouts, and stoppers) then your catalog needs to be updated immediately to reflect this. As you know North American customers are particularly sensitive to this issue. I like Zojirushi and want this remedied!

  3. correction: I meant to say

    “If they have BPA **free** plastic parts (ie the plastic spouts, and stoppers) then your catalog needs to be updated immediately to reflect this.

    All. your other plastic containing products clearly state in the catalog that they have BPA-free plastic parts. why not the thermal carafe lines? (ie for example the AHGB-10-RA (red)).

    Thank you again.

  4. PS

    The overview product page of the Vacuum Insulated Mugs & Bottles at:

    all have little black feature boxes under their photos. Notice that in each one there is a box that says “BPA free”

    but in the thermal cafe overview page at:

    none of the black feature boxes under the product photos have “BPA free”.

    Because the inner stopper is plastic and the spout is plastic I would like to know and surely this should be reflected in the product page. Sorry for my long email but since customer service email did not respond I wrote here.

  5. North American customers are sensitive to BPA issue. I totally agree with George. I hope Zojirushi can improve the carafe with BPA free material. I am thinking to return my 1L. Stainless Steel Vacuum Carafe (SH-HB10/15) to though I love the design and its keep warm function. I am a long term Zojirushi product consumer and very disappointed that the company can’t give an answer.

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