Zojirushi’s Induction Heating (IH) System Rice Cooker & Warmer (NP-HCC10/18)

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We love our Induction Heating System Rice Cooker & Warmer (NP-HCC10/18)! It’s one of our flagship products, and we love it for its stylish looks, great technology and ability to make perfectly cooked rice, every time.

This rice cooker comes in a stylish dark stainless steel color and is available in two sizes, (up to) 5.5 or 10 cups. The induction heating technology allows this rice cooker to make super-fine temperature adjustments for precise heating, and turns the pan into an instant, all-over heat source for even and consistent cooking. The NP-HCC10/18 is great for cooking many types of rice, from short-grain to long-grain jasmine rice, and even make GABA brown rice using a special setting on the rice cooker that increases the nutritional value of the rice. Menu settings on the front panel make it easy to decide which type of rice and the texture you’d like your rice cooked to. The delay timer and keep warm settings make it easy to have your rice ready at a certain time, and kept warm so that it’s fresh when you’re ready to eat. Cleaning and maintaining this rice cooker is a snap—the exterior is easy to wipe down, and the interior lid and non-stick inner pan can be removed for washing.

NP-HCC Control Panel

We’ve gotten great feedback on Amazon.com from our owners since launching our Induction Heating System Rice Cooker & Warmer (NP-HCC10/18) in 2015.

Leslie Christopher gave the rice cooker a five-star review, saying, This product is worth every penny. Before purchasing the rice cooker, we read a review on Forbes and it stated that it was the one kitchen appliance that actually cooks something BETTER than you can by hand. We now have four or five different kinds of rice on hand – jasmine, basmati, brown, sprouted, wild, etc. I can quickly make white rice for our son and then make a batch of brown sprouted rice for the rest of the guests. I can make dried beans from scratch, and then freeze them. I have made steel cut oatmeal, too. Please purchase the rice bowl for washing the rice, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Perfect every time!”

LCBrowning also gave the rice cooker a five star review: “I started using my new rice cooker right out of the box. Best rice I’ve ever made. I watched the Zojirushi online movie of how to use and wash my rise ahead of cooking. We are never to old to learn something new…”

We’re so happy to know that they love this rice cooker, and we know you will, too. To learn more about this rice cooker, check out our product video and our website. As always, be sure to share your recipes with us!


33 thoughts on “Zojirushi’s Induction Heating (IH) System Rice Cooker & Warmer (NP-HCC10/18)

    • Hi Sherry, if you own the NP-HCC model, you can cook small amounts of other ingredients with rice by following the guidelines on page 12 of your user manual for Mixed Rice under ‘How to Cook Rice: Tips to Cooking Various Rice Menus’. Unfortunately we have not tested cooking other ingredients alone (potatoes, etc.) and can not recommend it as there is no optimized setting for doing so.

  1. The Keep Warm could keep rice moisture after 3-4 hours, I probably need to buy the lid set. I searched it but couldn’t find a match. Where can I buy “zojirushi rice cooker np-hbc10 lid”? Thanks.

  2. This is your customer,,I just got my order of cap rubber band yesterday (I order two),but it does not fit ,may be is another problem. I think I should order a new thermos bottle. May I return my order? Do I have to pay shipping fee? Please Email to me. My Email address: cathywang446@gmail.com Thank you! CathyWang

  3. Hi. We love our ns-laq05. We just noticed some burning on the heating element. What’s the best way to clean it back to nice shiny silver again?
    Thank you

    • Hi Matt, you can use a fine sandpaper dipped in water to lightly polish, but the best way to keep it nice shiny silver is to wipe the exterior of the inner pan before placing it in the rice cooker. The model NS-LAQ05 is not a US model, so please refer to your instruction manual for further cleaning information!

  4. Hi, I saw a ZOJIRUSHI NP-HBC10 Induction Heating System Rice Cooker/Warmer 5.5 Cup. But I did not see this serial number NP-HBC10. 1. Does Zojirushi produce this one or is it fake?
    2. What is different between Induction Heating System Rice cooker and Pressure Induction Heating? Are they 2 different kinds of technology?

  5. Hello,

    My inside pot/pan for this model is scratched (within 2 years of careful use). How do we get a replacement? I have looked everywhere and this is the only place that has a replacement. Any help would be appreciated!

    Glenn Yamada

  6. Can the HCC10/18 cook GABA rice using long grain brown rice? (Long grain brown is the most common where I live.)

  7. Hi,
    l love my NP-HBC18, it has been many wonderful years, recently the AC125V/15A fuse has blown, I research and just can’t seem to find it locally here in Sacramento California, can you assist me to locate the fuse?
    Much appreciated.

  8. Hi there, my IH used to make a sound when I set the timer and hit “start.” But now for some reason it stops to make any sound. I wonder if I by mistake altered the original setting? How may I restore the original setting? Please kindly advise. Many thanks!

  9. I cannot find the instruction manual for my NP-HCC18 and I am not able to open the downloaded file for the online manual.
    Can you maybe guide me as to where I can find this menu online and download it so that I can use it?

    Thank you!

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