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Happy Valentine’s Day! They say you should cook from the heart to make your food truly delicious; this month our chocolate desserts can be the perfect Valentine’s treats for your loved ones if they’re made with love. Are you ready? Let’s go with these Chocolate Cream Buns in heart shapes and a Chocolate Tear and Share Bread filled with chocolate chips. Sweet! TechTalk is about the Japanese tradition of ikkadanran, a way of sharing a meal together in Japanese culture where family and friends gather around the dining table. Zojirushi products are designed to enhance the ikkadanran way of life, and you’ll see how this is so true.


Chocolate Cream Heart Buns Chocolate Cream Heart Buns Chocolate Cream Heart Buns

Chocolate Cream Heart Buns

Filled with chocolate cream and a sweet message of heartfelt love, these adorable little goodies are easy to bake in your Zojirushi toaster oven. Use the Rise function for your dough too.

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Chocolate Tear and Share Bread

Perfect for Valentine’s, tear and share bread is a great way to bake together and enjoy it together. The chocolate chips inside will melt in your mouth as this special dessert melts your heart!

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Chocolate Tear and Share Bread Chocolate Tear and Share Bread Chocolate Tear and Share Bread

More Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate Cake

Use your Breadmaker

Bake a devilishly good chocolate cake with a surprise added bonus—chocolate chips. Very easy to do using your breadmaker; just let it do all the work.

Chocolate Crepes

Use your Electric Griddle

Remember ours is made for tabletops; that means you can make crepes while everyone enjoys them right off the griddle. And they can participate too.

Chocolate Fondue

Use your Electric Skillet

Do you fondue? Well, maybe it’s about time you did. Our skillet keeps the chocolate warm while your Valentine’s Day guests can fondue all the chocolate they want.

Whole Wheat Sponge Cake

Use your Rice Cooker

Yes, our recipe can create a sponge cake with your rice cooker. Simply convert it into a chocolate cream cake by using chocolate cream in place of fresh cream.


Ikkadanran Means Family Ikkadanran Means Family Ikkadanran Means Family

This is our Zojirushi tabletop.
Many of our Zojirushi products were developed with the concept of ikkadanran in mind, the Japanese tradition of a closely knit family dining together at the table. This means everybody, including those who cook the food. Ikkadanran is the foundation for cooking, eating and enjoying food together at the dining table, instead of preparing it on a stove and serving it. Try these recipes with our tabletop products and experience ikkadanran at your own home!



A very classic Japanese hot pot dish, sukiyaki is well known everywhere. Once you’ve prepped the ingredients this is so easy to cook and enjoy—everyone loves sukiyaki!



Another traditional hot pot dish if you want a lighter type of fare--you can explore all the different ingredients you can use for this dish, as well as different dipping sauces, like ponzu or miso.

Diced Steak

Diced Steak

Are you a fan of teppanyaki style griddle cooking? This is a fun way to fry your morsels of meat right in front of your eyes. Oh, the anticipation while you wait for yours!

Grilled Vegetables

Grilled Vegetables

As veggie fans will agree, there is nothing like the smoky taste of grilled vegetables. This teppanyaki style will bring all your friends together, including all your vegetarian ones.

Celebrate the Heart

A Symbol of Love A Symbol of Love A Symbol of Love

The heart symbol has been used to express romance since the 1500s, and there’s probably no icon as universal as the heart. In Western culture it might be the very first emoji in history, and around Valentine’s Day we see it everywhere. Luckily, the symbol that started as a graphic expression of love wasn’t trying to depict the actual human organ, because it wouldn’t look very attractive today. We can celebrate this symbol of love in thousands of ways, and not just by sending a greeting card (although we think it’s a great idea). Here are just a few.

Valentine’s Tear and Share Bread

Valentine’s Tear and Share Bread

Try another Valentine’s recipe from our recipe archives. This romantic treat is meant to be shared with someone you care about, so it’s the perfect way to bake together in the kitchen and have fun.

Bert-san’s Happy Pies

Bert-san’s Happy Pies

All you need is store-bought pie crust, some ingredients for pie filling and your toaster oven to bake any kind of mini pie you want. For National Pie Month, see what treats Bert-san came up with.



A Japanese style “character bento” for Valentine’s Day? Why not? When you take the time and effort to prepare a bento for someone, you’re doing it from the heart, especially if it’s for your kids.



Learn Japanese kanji. This character is read “kokoro” and literally means “heart”. It’s a difficult concept to translate, but the words that come closest are probably “mindfulness”, “feelings”, “soul” or “spirit”.


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