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Product Inspirations – Micom Water Boiler & Warmer (CD-WHC40)

Our Product of the Month is our new Zojirushi Micom Water Boiler & Warmer (CD-WHC40)–perfect for home or office!

This water boiler looks great on a kitchen counter or conference table. It has a stylish, clear-coated stainless body, with an easy-to-read water level gauge, a swivel base and sturdy handle.

It’s also packed with convenience and safety features. It comes in a generous 4-liter capacity and has a rust-resistant stainless steel interior that is not-coated, unique among all of Zojirushi’s other water boilers. For those wishing to avoid nonstick coating, this stainless steel interior offers a durable and easy-to-clean alternative. To make storing the product more convenient, the Power Cord is detachable. All surfaces that come into contact with your hot water are BPA-free.

The water boiler is innovatively designed with a microcomputer chip that controls the way water is heated and kept warm. It heats water to one of four selectable keep warm temperatures—208°F, 195°F, 175°F and 160°F. Delicate teas are best brewed at 160°F, while 175°F is the ideal brewing temperature for green teas. Oolong tea is best brewed at 195°F, and at 208°, the hot water is great for brewing black teas and herbal teas. At 208°F, water is also at the ideal temperature to make coffee, instant noodles or oatmeal and to blanch vegetables.

This water boiler also comes with the optional Quick Temp mode, one of Zojirushi’s signature features. Using this feature, water is quickly heated to either 195°F, 175°F or 160°F without first bringing it to a boil, saving energy and a significant amount of time. The easy-to-read LCD panel shows the actual water temperature at all times, and the control panel allows you to easily dispense hot water by first pressing the UNLOCK button, then the DISPENSE button.

Brewing classic Japanese Sencha tea is easy using this water boiler when set to 175°F Keep Warm. At a slightly higher temperature of 195°F, Fresh Fruit Tea is perfectly brewed. And at the highest temperature, Houjicha, or roasted green tea, brews perfectly at 208°F. This water boiler lets you blanch vegetables for delicious salads, too. Try out our Okra, Asparagus and Cherry Tomato Salad, with veggies blanched at 208°F.

The CD-WHC40 has multiple safety features including an easily detachable lid, which makes disposing water safe, an automatic dispense lock and auto shut-off.

We love this new water boiler and are sure you will, too. Let us know how you use it in the comments below!

54 thoughts on “Product Inspirations – Micom Water Boiler & Warmer (CD-WHC40)

  1. when will zojirushi make the vacuum electric hybrid water boiler with a stainless steel interior? we’d love to upgrade, but want VE and to avoid nonstick

  2. Hello,
    I have Zojirushi water boiler Model No CD-FAC22. I love my boiler. It is my second one. Unfortunately I cannot locate it’s upper lid. (Moving from one place to another always has consequences)
    Where I can buy detachable lid? Please send me an email.
    Thank you so much for your excellent products.
    Nara B

      • Do you mean that only the interior of this pot is made in Japan since you mentioned earlier that model CD-WHC40 is manufactured in China. Please clarify. I need to get a water pot my my parents and they prefer the “Made in Japan” one. Please suggest a 3L pot model with the height as least 11.5 inches. Thank you.

  3. Please make stainless interior water boiler and rice cooker. Made in Japan not China or other countries. I’m sure many people are looking to replace and/upgrade both of these to stainless in their home.

  4. What is the tune it plays when heated? We all know it and it is driving us crazy that we can’t think of the name. 🙂 Our sanity thanks you in advance.

  5. When can I but zojirushi vacuum electric hybrid water boiler with a stainless steel interior? I want VE and avoid non stick because mine rusted at water line and near drain.

  6. My Zojirushi CD-WBC30-TS Micom 3 liter water boiler suddenly turned to thermal insulation failure today, and the water cannot stop. Please tell me the address of the New York Service Center?

  7. Hi, I just bought a VE hybrid water boiler yesterday, after boiled, I put it in vacuum position before I went to bed. However, this morning when I dispense the water, it’s cold. Is this normal? The reason we choose VE because of the vacuum. If It does not have any advantage, we’ll switch to micom one. Thanks for any suggestions!

    • Hi Jen, the Vacuum Insulation Keep Warm mode will save electricity by shutting off power to the heater after the boiling process is completed and keeps the water warm by using the thermal insulation only. The temperature will slowly drop overtime. If you would like to keep water warm at a steady temperature, then it’s best to use one of the keep warm temperatures instead. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  8. Thanks again for the quick reply. Hope Zojirushi can improve the thermal insulation. I bought this VE boiler to replace my Stanley thermal bottle, which can hold the boiled water to warm longer than this Zojirushi VE.

    • Hi Jen, thank you for your feedback! Vacuum insulated bottles tend to have a smaller mouth opening which will increase their heat retention capabilities. The water boiler has a larger opening by design for ease of cleaning and maintenance. If you would like to have hot water ready in the morning and save energy simultaneously, then please try using the energy-saving timer function (p.14 of the manual). We hope this helps!

  9. Are all of the stainless interior WHC40 models exactly the same in all the online stores you list on your website? Each store seems to use a slightly different model # but I can’t tell if there are any differences in the product? Thanks!

    • Hi Sophia, the CD-WCC is manufactured in China. The same manufacturing system and quality control are strictly enforced at all our factories worldwide to ensure that the products are manufactured to the same high standard that is expected of all products bearing the Zojirushi name. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  10. We bought CD-JWC30 on Apr. 3, 2019. We always handle with care to avoid water on the top panel. Today it produced a pop sound and we found steam in the display panel. The Unlock button didn’t work. We emptied the boiler to try. But then the display shows blinking FF with no light on the panel, no buttons work. Is it completely dead?
    We don’t believe expensive Zojirushi appliance works for just 1 year 9 months.

  11. We used Panasonic water boiler for 30 years and there was no problem.
    We really don’t believe expensive Zojirushi water boiler is so short-life.

  12. Hi I noticed the little wire netting metal dome shaped item inside of electric water boiler CD-WHC40 model which is Remove-able. Is that normal? What does it do? Does water go underneath it? I hope water doesn’t touch any electric wire and stuff. Please advise.

    • Hi Ines, the domed net on the bottom of the water boiler is a removable filter. It prevents any large debris from going into the water boiler and causing a clog. We recommend removing, cleaning, and replacing it before a citric acid cleaning cycle. We hope this helps!

      • Ok thanks. So just to clarify for my understand, there is a compartment underneath the dome level which holds water? Is that water also able to be pumped out?

        I tried to unscrew the nail from bottom plate just to understand the build up of it but unable to unscrew it.

  13. Hi, I’m looking for a water boiler and came across Zojirushi Water Boiler. And there are so many different models. There are CD-JWC, CV-DCC, CD-WBC, and CD-WCC. I really don’t know how to choose. I tried to find what these terms stand for but couldn’t find them. Which one is best for home use? thanks

    • Hi Tracey, all the models you mentioned are for home use. The CV-DCC40/50 VE Hybrid water boiler is the only model with our vacuum insulation technology that will maintain the temperature longer without the use of the heater. Most of our customers will select their water boiler based on whether they want it to be the Hybrid model, color, and capacity. The nonstick coating helps slow down the accumulation of minerals but if you prefer it not to have it, then the model CD-WHC40 is the only model that does not have a nonstick coated interior.
      I hope this is helpful! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    • Hi Helen, the model CD-LCC30 was manufactured in Japan. The inner liner has a non-stick coating containing PTFE- a material commonly used for non-stick coating in cookware for conventional kitchen use (FDA approved). Please let us know if you have any other questions!

    • Hi Cheryl, over time and use the liner will accumulate minerals such as calcium or iron. Calcium will leave a white residue and iron will look like rust on the surface. Since the liner does not have any coating, the minerals will attach more easily to the surface and the water boiler will need to be descaled more often than the water boilers with a nonstick coating. If the water being used has a high mineral content, then the water boiler will require a citric acid cleaning to be performed at least once a month. We hope this helps!

  14. Hi,
    The Micom water boiler interior is stainless steel. Is the interior not coated with anything at all or is there a coating on it? This blog says not-coated but an Amazon video says “clear coated”.

    If the interior stainless steel is coated, can you please share what it is coated with?

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